Justice Felipe Reyna : What is a Conservative Judge?


As the voters prepare to go to the polls, most of them make an honest effort to become informed about the candidates. For Republicans this can be a little confusing, because every Republican candidate claims he has” conservative” values. Before you accept my claim of being a conservative judge, I will explain exactly what that label means to me.

I am a pro-life advocate, and I believe in fiscal responsibility, less government intervention, balanced budgets, and less taxes. My father raised our family utilizing these beliefs on a daily basis, and I have seen in my own life that these values lead to independence, self-reliance and success. I take every opportunity to share my personal experiences with others, hoping to inspire them to adopt and believe in those same conservative values. We are a blessed to live in a country that gives us the freedom to advocate our beliefs and personal agendas. As an individual, I am CONSERVATIVE in my personal values.

Judges, however, do not have the luxury of imposing their personal values upon litigants. The cornerstone of our democracy rests upon a fair and impartial justice system, where every citizen receives the same constitutional protections. It is my judicial responsibility to apply current law to the facts of each case, regardless of who wins or loses, and regardless of my personally held values. Applying this standard, without regard to the statue, influence or agenda of the litigants is what makes me a CONSERVATIVE judge.

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