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Endorsements for Justice Felipe Reyna


The following list of people and organizations have seen the good works of Justice Felipe Reyna and are proud to lend their support to a Judge who is strict in his interpretation of the law and stands for equal justice for all. The vocal support of people and organizations actually within the 10th Court of Appeals district, and those most affected by its rulings, has bolstered the Reyna Re-Election Posse. The kind words continue to energize the re-election campaign!

“I am humbled by the support of these fine people and organizations. It means so much to me that they support and believe in the actions I have taken while serving as a judge in their 10th Court of Appeals.” - Justice Felipe Reyna.

  1. Texas Alliance for Life
    “Our decision to support your campaign was based on your dedicated support for a conservative judicial and political philosophy that includes support for judicial restraint and following the intent of the legislative bodies that make the laws.”
  2. The Bryan/College Station Eagle
    “We want a judge who follows the law as written, not as some groups want it to be. Felipe Reyna has been a good justice on the 10th Court of Appeals. The Eagle recommends a vote to keep him on the bench in the Republican Party.”
  3. CLEAT -- Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas
    “Both local and statewide law enforcement agencies recognize Justice Reyna’s integrity and his commitment to serving as a fair and impartial Justice on the 10th Court of Appeals.”
  4. Waco Police Officers Association
  5. McLennan County Young Republicans
  6. Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Association of McLennan County
  7. State Senator Kip Averitt
  8. Former State Senator David Sibley
  9. Former Johnson County Republican Party Chairman Dan Hunt
  10. Former Brazos County Republican Party Chairman David Kent
  11. Jon R. Ker, P.C. - Attorney at Law
  12. Ann Mazone - Former SD5 SREC Committee Woman - Current Silver-Haired Legislator
  13. Ronald Hinds - Former General Council to the State Republican Party
  14. State Representative Jodie Laubenberg




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